3 bats flying before a full moon

Compare and Contrast Bats with another animal

Discover what is unique about bats

1. Do this Comparison and Contrast Guide @ ReadWriteThink - online activity.

Tip: To work your way through, click the right pointing arrow after reading each page. right arrow

2. Download/print the Compare and Contrast graphic organizer.

3. Select an animal you have seen in real life or in a video, on a web page or on TV.
Compare and contrast it with a species of bats that lives in your region.


4. Conclude: Write an essay comparing & contrasting the two animals.
Which animal is better adapted for living in your community?


Super Techies:


If you can complete this activity using the computer to enter the info and keep the organizer's basic format, Go for it.

Make a digital document that replicates the basic format of the doc.
shown at the left. Complete the exercise, saving frequently.

Submit the document either by printing it or emailing/drop boxing the eDocument itself.
(Stuff happens: Always keep a copy of your finished project.)


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Proof your responses. It is funny how speling errors and typeos sneak in to the bets work. smiling icon Make your own printer paper answer sheet