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Children's Authors Internet Hunt for readers 9 yrs and up

Directions: Use the colored links provided to find the answers to the questions. Write the answer on your answer sheet.
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1. Her books "horse around". Who is she?

How many of her books do you recall reading?


2. Jean Craighead George has written 80 books including My Side of the Mountain.
When she was growing up all her family shared a common interest. What was it?


How many of her books do you recall reading?

3. How many awards has Ms. Hamilton won for M.C. Higgins, the Great?


4. How did E. B. White get the idea for his book Stuart Little?


How did he feel about giving a speech?


Give Mr. White some helpful advice about talking to a group.


5. How does Redwall author, Brian Jacques, pronounce his last name?
Hint: Consider the links on the left. Which one would be likely to give more information about him?

What percentage of his Redwall Adventure books have your read? (Want some help with calculating percents?)


6. What is Animorphs author, K. A. Applegate's opinion of war?


Do you agree with Ms. Applegate or disagree with her? Write your opinion of war.


7. Richard Peck gives seven reasons why he reads in the dedication of his book Anonymously Yours.
Read them. Now write a sentence stating why you read.


8. Did Bruce Coville like to read as a child? What does he say that tells you the answer?
(Select a link on the page where you might find the answer.)


9. What gave Gary Paulsen his passion for reading?


10. Mary Osborne Pope writes the Magic Tree House books.
According to her, what should you do before writing about the setting of a story?


Look around the Magic Tree House site. List the names of the two kids in the stories.


11. Some authors write fiction. Vickie Cobb is an author who writes interesting (fiction or nonfiction) about ______________(subject)?

Write three things you would like to learn more about. Is science one of them?


12. Why does Dan Gutman find it easy to write about baseball?



13. How long does it take M. P. Haddix to write a book?


14. Visit Children's Literature Web Guide. Select an author. Visit their website.

Write an interesting question that you would ask if you could interview the person.


15. Listed in this writing site are resources an author might use when writing.

Which resource(s) would give them the best information about a place?


Which resource(s) would help them edit their writing?


Which resource(s) would be useful in learning more about a famous person?


Which would resource(s) are most useful for learning more about a general subject like: zoos, the Olympics or pottery?




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