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Artemis Fowl Quizzes - based on the book Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

This fantasy novel, about a teenage boy, utilizes an extensive vocabulary. You have read the book. Now try the questions. The quizzes are all based on the first book in the series. Keep track of your total score as you do each quiz. Are you as clever as Artemis Fowl thinks he is? Let's see...

These java quizzes highlight some of the more challenging vocabulary and concepts. If the quiz is not working you could try a different web browser. They are working in Mozilla, iCab, and IE.

Prologue Quiz Chapter 5 - Missing in Action
Chapter 1 - The Book Chapter 6 - Siege
Chapter 2 - Translation Chapter 7 - Mulch
Chapter 3 - Holly Chapter 8 - Troll
Chapter 4 - Abduction Chapter 9 - Ace in the Hole

When you are finished, check out these fun sites about Artemis Fowl:

The official site -

Artemis' personal -

eMINTS resources -


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