Draw a Schematic Representation of a bill moving through U.S. Congress

Carefully examine this drawing. Click on it for a larger view.

greenhouse drawing
This figure was created by Robert A. Rohde, The file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 2.5 License

This figure is a simplified, schematic representation of the flows of energy between space, the atmosphere, and the Earth's surface, and shows how these flows combine to trap heat near the surface.

The drawing helps you grasp a complex set of events and how they interact.

Here is another example developed by the government.

scheme drawing

Task - Make Your Own Schematic Represenatation

There are many cycles, systems, flows and events in the US Congress. One is the flow of a bill from an idea to passage.

Make a schematic representation to show/explain how a bill achieves passage.

You may draw it freehand, cut and paste pictures from newspapers or magazines or use a computer to illustrate it.

Include a title in the project. On a separate paper/page - write a brief explanation that reinforces or explains what you are illustrating.

Go to Congress.gov. Use the videos explaining the legislative process to get you started. (This site is replacing THOMAS.gov.)

Further research may be needed.


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