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Coneflower, Green Headed - Rudbeckia laciniata

Nicknames: cutleaf coneflower, greenheaded coneflower, cone-disk sunflower, tall coneflower, thimbleweed.

A tea made from the root was used for indigestion. The cooked spring greens were eaten for "good health". Peterson Field Guides Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants

"American Indians used coneflowers to make yellow or orange dyes. It was used in basketry and on animal skins and feathers. The Ojibwa had additional uses for the coneflowers. They used a poltice of the blossoms for burns and a compound made from the roots for indigestion." A Lesson to Dye For

Many insect species feed on the nectar of these August blooming flowers.

These lovely wildflowers grow 5ft to 8 ft. In a moist area of the garden they provide a dramatic, bright splash of color in the baked, late summer garden. Occurring naturally in moist to wet areas, it's surprisingly tolerant of average and even dry soils.

The seeds are relished by birds like goldfinches.


close up of green headed coneflower

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Green Headed Coneflower

closeup of green headed coneflower

host of green headed coneflower

This patch of green headed coneflowers is taller than me. I am 5ft 2 inches tall.
The flowers spread over about 20 ft. This is located along the bank
of a small creek in central PA.

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Posted 8/15/05 Cindy O'Hora