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Energy Alternatives and Energy Conservation
a Problem-Based Learning Project about Energy and its conservation

Thomas Edison told his friends Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone: “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy.
What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” 1931

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The Plan/Process:

Step 1 -

Identify what you know about sources of energy and the conservation of energy.

Step 2 -

Identify what you need to learn about sources of energy and ways to conserve it.
Be specific. Make a list.

Compare and Contrast 2 Methods of Conserving Energy

Helpful online information resources

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Step 3 -

Consider the alternative energy sources and energy conservation actions.

Create a print or digital project to explain your choices and support their selection.

How will they help the situation?

Highlight the pros and cons of your choices.

Energy Digital Video Project | Energy eGame

Tech Tip: Working in a group or in two different places like the library & home? You do not have to be physically together to work together. gold starWatch Google Docs video TAI - How could you use free, Google Docs to do a project? How would this facilitate group projects?

Step 4 -

As a class - Discuss your findings.

It would be helpful to chart your findings. How many support each alternative energy
Decide on an action plan to conserve energy in your homes, school or community.
List the reasons for its selection.

Yes, but - How will it be a challenge in your community to do it?



Create a plan of action for your community.

List the steps involved in implementing the plan.

How can you motivate people to cooperate?

"The fifth revolution will come when we have spent the stores of coal and oil that have been accumulating in the earth during hundreds of millions of years. It is to be hoped that before then other sources of energy will have been developed. Whether a convenient substitute for the present fuels is found or not, there can be no doubt that there will have to be a great change in ways of life. This change may justly be called a revolution, but it differs from all the preceding ones in that there is no likelihood of its leading to increases of population, but even perhaps to the reverse." Sir Charles Galton Darwin, 1952

Plan 2
What you do not know 4
Worksheet examples 5
Project examples 6
Compare and Contrast 2 Methods of Conserving Energy
Energy Light bulbs compare/contrast Activity
Energy Alternatives Exploration activity

Dedicated to Malcolm Workman, of Westerly Parkway Junior High, who taught me to think!

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