Go Out on a Limb - Investigate more about trees

green  bullet Collect a leaf from one of the dominant tree species in your area. Use the key resources here to classify the tree.

green  bullet Tree Comparison/Contrast Project - Select a local conifer and a deciduous species.
Based on the novel My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

green  bullet Investigate - How can trees help reduce a building’s energy use in winter and in summer?

green  bullet Some trees have become cherished symbols or vital parts of the communities, in which they grow.
Identify one highly valued tree in your region. Why is it revered?

green  bullet The Giving Shade Tree - Are the trees around your school planted in a way that will reduce energy demands?

green  bullet Capturing Carbon - Nova Science Now online video Jul. 2008
An eighth-grader's science fair project prompts her scientist father to develop a new way
to pull excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

green  bullet Environmental Scientists Find Tree Combo For Carbon Sequestration

green  bullet Explore Plants & People to learn about plants and trees and how people have counted on them for many things.

green  bullet Write three important tips about planting trees.

green  bullet Tree Rings: A Study of Climate Change

green  bullet Inventory & Map the Trees on your school campus or neighborhood - include location, species, size, condition

green  bullet The Forester consider a career

green  bullet Ecology Vocabulary Exercise

green  bullet Do MathFlix's Infinite Pine Trees activity watch Part 1| Part 2 print the Worksheet

green  bullet Compare or contrast a coniferous forest and a deciduous forest

green  bullet Maple Trees, Sugar bush and the Anishinabe

green  bullet Tree lineage activity | green  bullet Plant lineage activity

green  bullet Inside a Leaf | Leaf Classification

green  bullet Make a Dichotomous Key for a species of tree that grows in your region.

green  bullet Discover what has happened to the American Chestnut.

green  bullet Dr Arbor Talks about Trees

green  bullet Tree That Owns Itself article, more info

green  bullet Explore the Methuselah Grove

green  bullet General Sherman Sequoia - world's biggest tree by volume

green  bullet Use this site to learn about the many ways people use trees.

green  bullet Classification challenge - trace the classification of a species of tree found in your community. I'll get you started. Trees belong to the kingdom Plantae. They are all Eukaryotes. Use this worksheet and the Tree of Life Project to trace a tree from Eukaryotes to the individual tree species. (MS/HS)

green  bullet 5 Reasons to stop topping trees

green  bullet Deciduous trees survive in winter

green  bullet What tree is that? | green  bullet Plant Parts Facts Activity

green  bullet Identifying PA. Trees | green  bullet Identifying Leaves of Pennsylvania

green  bullet Tree Pollen Map | green  bullet Seed Dispersal

green  bullet Pathfinder Science - "hands-on, minds-on" activities (student scientists not just science students)

green  bullet Ininatig's Gift of Sugar The Tradition of Native Sugarmaking

green  bullet From the Woods - Community Forests

green  bullet Tales from Urban Forest | green  bullet Tree color

green  bullet Trees - who lives there? | green  bullet Do this Life Cycle activity

green  bullet Trees + Me = Forestry pdf | green  bullet From the Woods

green  bullet Florida cities ask: Are there too many palms?

green  bullet Read how these scientists estimated there were 3 trillion trees on our planet. Try it. count how many kids are in your classroom. How many classrooms are there in your school? Estimate how many students attend your school. Find out - how close you are to the actual count.

green  bullet Fields, Meadows and Fencerows EcoStudy Unit | green  bullet Wetlands EcoStudy Unit

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Cynthia J. O'Hora, posted 1/2009, UTD 11/09
Released to public domain use in honor of Nobel Prize winner Dr Wangari Maathai for her visionary Green Belt Movement