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Polar Bears Past Bedtime internet hunt
Based on the book Polar Bears Past Bedtime by Mary Pope Osborne

Directions: Bookmark this web page. Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. Write your answers on the answer sheet. Use the bookmark to return to this page for the next question. printer version

1. A snowy owl visits Annie and Jack. I live in Pennsylvania, just like the kids in the story.

How often might I see a snowy owl? Look at the map.
Circle the best answer.

All the time. Snowy owls live in Pennsylvania all year round.

You might see one in winter.

It would be a big surprise to see one.

How often might you see a snowy owl in your yard this winter?


2. Jack reads in Adventure in the Arctic that in the summer there can be
24 hours of daylight in the Arctic.

For how many months is there no sunlight in the Arctic?

For how many months per year is there no sunlight in the your community?

How many hours of darkness will there be in the Arctic today?


3. The children explore the tundra habitat. There is lots of snow precipitation.

Name another habitat that has the same amount of precipitation as the tundra.
Use the chart on the Tundra Facts page.


Contrast: What are some ways that the Tundra habitat is different from your habitat?


4. The children are grateful when a man brings them warm clothes.

What are the sealskin boots called?



5. What tools are needed to build an igloo? Alternate resource



6. The man takes the kids for a ride on his dogsled.
He yells, "Mush!" to tell the dogs to go.

What would he yell to tell them to turn right?

How does he tell them to halt or stop?


7. Jack and Annie play with polar bear cubs. Write two facts about polar bears.





8. Annie and Jack found themselves on a sheet of thin ice. It was cracking.
What does the saying "You are on thin ice" mean?
(Use the dictionary to look it up. Enter: on thin ice. Click Find.)


9. For a place so very cold and dark, there sure are a lot of animals living in the Arctic regions.
Write the names of some animals that live in the Arctic.
Arctic Animals

Challenge yourself. Do not write any animals that are mentioned in the story.


Explore more:

Visit the Tundra Facts web site. | Explore Earth's Polar Regions

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Make a word cloud about the story or a character in the story.


1. Jack and Annie often go off on these adventures without telling their parents.
Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Explain your answer.


2. Is this book an example of narrative, persuasive or informative writing?



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