June Facts Hunt
Learn science, social studies, cultural, and just plain fun facts.

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1. In June of 1788, two states entered the Union.

a. When did your state enter the Union? Harness a search engine to find the date.


b. I live in Pennsylvania.

Is your home state to the north, the south, the east, or the west of mine?

If you also live in Pennsylvania - The question for you is - where is Minnesota located relative to Pennsylvania?


2. The idea of honoring fathers began a century ago.
How many years passed before Father's Day was made an official national holiday?


TAI (think about it) How can we best honor a father?


3. A nickname for our U.S. flag is "Old Glory". Read this account of the owner and tell me...
Where did he hide his flag from the Rebels during the Civil War?


Where would you hide a flag in an emergency?


4. June 14th is Flag Day. Who initiated the observance of Flag Day?


How does your community recognize Flag Day?


5. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. If it was admitted as a state,
when would its star be added to the U.S. Flag?


6. Check out this site on the summer solstice. Find 3 facts. List them here. Windows to the Universe







7. How long do June bugs (also called Mayflies) live? Read carefully!

Read this Comparison and Contrast Guide @ ReadWriteThink - online activity.


Compare the Mayflies' life cycle with the life cycle of the mosquito. What are the similarities?



Contrast the life cycle of Mayflies with the life cycle of the housefly. What are the differences?




Which insect: the Mayfly, the housefly or the mosquito, poses the greatest danger to people?
Explain your choice.



8. The Great Seal of the United States was adopted June 20th 1782. On it are the words "E Pluribus Unum".
What do those words mean? (Who cares? If you are ever on a quiz show you'll be glad you know!)



9. You might have a chance to earn money by taking care of a neighbor's pet this summer.
Consider all the suggestions of ways for kids to earn money.
What percentage of them could you do?



10. Some people will tell you that water in a sink or toilet rotates one direction as it drains in the
Northern Hemisphere and the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere. Is this true? Explain.



11. Power In Numbers. Read the article Numbers in Context. What percentage of your instructional time
this year was spent on the core subjects?


How does this compare with the statistics given in the article?

I spent more time or less time than the average US student.


I spent more time or less time than the average Japanese student.


12. Place the missing punctuation in this sentence.
(Consult Commas at a Guide to Grammar and Writing or OWL at Purdue if you need help.)

Events at the Outdoor Club's Fun Day will include hop scotch frisbee catch the fox tail softball toss trip to the jungle game spoon run labyrinth bug finder fun bunny hop deer jump and tire roll.

Next, construct a similarly long sentence that contains a list. Be sure to employ correct punctuation.



13. Check out Polygon Geometry.

Sides Name Sides Name



Interested in learning more geometry? Check out the free, online Khan Academy videos. Totally cool.
Use it to grow your Geometry Know on your own.


15. Have you seen a monarch butterfly in your yard this year?

(If you have not, use the migration mapping at the free website, The Journey North, to predict when one may arrive in your region.)

What plant is essential to the monarch butterfly's survival?


Explain why is it vital to this insect.


16. Evaluate your school's campus or your community - Identify a good habitat for bluebirds.
Explain your choice.



"The Tropic of Cancer—the latitude on Earth where the sun is directly overhead at noon on the summer solstice—got its name because when the ancients established it, the sun appeared in the constellation Cancer. Due to subsequent shifting of Earth’s axis, the Tropic of Cancer is now misnamed. On the current June solstice, the sun actually appears in the constellation Taurus." Christopher, Dean. (June 19, 2008). 20 Things You Didn't Know About... The Summer Solstice. Discover Magazine,.

American flag Done already?

Charles Messier was born in June 1730. What did he discover?

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