Gathering Blue Internet Hunt
Based on the novel by Lois Lowry

Directions: Use the colored links provided to find the answers to the questions. Write the answer on your answer sheet.
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1. In the story, the following plants are mentioned for making dyes:

yarrow - Name another way people have used yarrow.


madder - Which part of the plant is used?


fennel - What parts of the plant can people eat?


hollyhocks - how tall can they grow? _____________________________


Which is taller: you or a hollyhock plant?


2. For how many centuries have people been dyeing objects? Hint math skills involved.



3. Kira works at the weaving building. Read about the different kinds of fibers.

Which kind of fibers were the weavers probably NOT using?


Why do you say that?


4. Kira learns many sources of color dyes come from plants. Name two other natural sources for dyes.



5. Annabella told Kira to save her urine to make a mordant.
What does a mordant do in the dying process?



6. Research the author Lois Lowry using your favorite search engine.
Write three facts about her life and one about her writing.





7. Vocabulary: Write the definitions of the following words: or


















8. Ms. Lowry says most of her books deal with what theme?


9. Visit Look up Gathering Blue in the book search.

Read two reviews. Do you agree or disagree? Why?



10. The society in the book employs three tools to recall its history. What are they?


List at least six ways people record their history. (First consider your own experiences.)




Further activities:

Check out these color idioms. Write one of your own.

You can try your hand at natural dyes. Here is how to use them to color egg shells.

Or try your hands at Finger Weaving

Make a crossword puzzle using vocabulary from the story

Making Book Trailers with Photo Story

Explore many native plants and the ways that people use them.

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