Comet's Nine Lives Internet Hunt
Based on the book Comet's Nine Lives by Jan Brett

spy glass

Meet Hedgie Hedgehog when you Hunt for treasures on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.
As you follow the map, you will need to look closely at the pages of the book to find
the answers to the questions.


Check out this map of the island. On the map, each town's name is in BOLD letters
How many towns are on the map?


nautical flags spelling Comet
Boats, ships and lighthouses use nautical flags to communicate. Each flag stands for a letter or a word.
When the flags are posted together, they spell a message.
Use this activity page to learn how to Spell your Name with Flags and much more. 

 Look at the flags to the left. What name do they spell?


Nantucket Island

You probably didn't know that Benjamin Franklin's mother was born on Nantucket Island.
Native American tribes lived on the island, too.

Discover lots of interesting facts about Nantucket Island.
Share one with your teacher and classmates.


Many of the dogs on the pages of the book are carrying baskets.
These beautiful lightship baskets are part of the history of Nantucket Island.

From which material are the baskets made? Plastic, glass, bread, wood?

What is scrimshaw?

Observe - How is it used on baskets?


Brant Point lighthouse

There are three lighthouses on Nantucket Island.The lighthouse in the book is one of the oldest lighthouses in America. You can see it if you take a ferry ride from the mainland to Nantucket Island.

Visit Brant Point to learn more. 


Pack of crayons

Print the Coloring page for Comet.
Color it the next time you take a long trip.


black cat

Comet uses eight of his nine lives in the story.
Have you ever heard the saying "a cat has nine lives"?

Discover lots of fascinating feline facts.

Kohoutek Comet
Kohoutek Comet Image
Courtesy of
NASA & Windows to the Universe

Maria Mitchell was born on Nantucket Island in 1818. She discovered a comet!

How many brothers and sisters did she have?

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Who has more brothers and sisters - Maria or You?



Jan Brett is the author of this fun book. Where does she live?

Write the title of another book she has written that you own or is in your school or town library.

Other fun stuff for this book

tide chart


Tide chart challenge.

Find out when the next high tide at Eel Point will be.

Suppose you wanted to collect seashells at the beach. Should you look during high tide or low tide?


Can you read all these "sight" words?

If not, print the page and practice. You will become a powerful reader!

What are the 2 (two) numbers that are spelled on the word page?

Add them together. Write the word name for the sum.

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