Children's Authors Internet Activity

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Write the answer on your answer sheet.

1. Who is Jan Brett's animal pal?


2. Audrey and Don Wood wrote a book about a special house. What kind of house was it?



3. Eric Carle says first his Hungry Caterpillar was a ....... (Check out the video)



4. Arthur is Mark Brown's well known third grader. What is Marc Brown's grandmother's name?


5. A main character in her books is named Ramona. Who is she?


6. Who writes the books about Jack and Annie that have time words in the titles?


7. In her hometown there is a statue of her silly maid named Amelia. Who is she?


8. What happened to Little Critter's writer, Mercer Mayer, when he was a kid?



9. The Boxcar Children series tells about the adventures of two brothers and two sisters.
Who wrote the books?


10. Barbara Cooney wrote and illustrated Miss Rumphius. It is a story based on a real person she knew.
Who was the real person?


Extra: Watch this performance of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.


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