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Afternoon on the Amazon Crossword Puzzle
Based on the Magic Tree House series book Afternoon on the Amazon by Mary Pope Osborne do online

body of puzzle
space pixel3. Kids visit one 13. Threw fruit space pixel1. Not a log in river
space pixel5. Blend in with surroundings 17. Name of rain forest space pixel2. Country where amazon starts
space pixel6. Time of day not morning 18. Number of layers in rain forest space pixel4. Biggest predator in the Amazon
space pixel7. Where Jack stows his gear 20. Helpful mouse space pixel7. Country Amazon river crosses
space pixel8. Morgan le Fay 21. Tree house is filled with them 10. Make crackling noise
space pixel9. Log boat 12. Scaly vine
11. Bottom layer 14. Thick tree tops high up
  15. Age of Jack
Afternoon on the Amazon online Quiz Afternoon on the Amazon Vocabulary 16. Flying mammal active at night
Afternoon on the Amazon Study Unit BiomesProject 19. Jungle fruit

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