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Strawberry - Fragaria

In addition to harvesting the berries for food, American Indians made medicines from the leaves and roots.

People make a variety of foods from the berries of this plant. They are eaten plain or in mixes with other fruits and nuts."

Minutemen from the American Revolution were saved from scurvy by drinking a tea made from the fresh green foliage of the wild Strawberry." IPNFThe Lure of Wild Strawberries

Strawberries were once recommended for whitening teeth and easing sunburn.

Strawberries spread readily. They make a good natural ground cover on a hillside. Be prepared to share your crop with birds, and small mammals including a passing child who spies the delicious red berries tucked away in the green leaves.

Insects are attracted to the nectar of the flowers.

strawberry patch

DISCLAIMER: These pages are presented solely as a source of INFORMATION and ENTERTAINMENT. No claims are made for the efficacy of any herb nor for any historical herbal treatment. In no way can the information provided here take the place of the standard, legal, medical practice of any country. Additionally, some of these plants are extremely toxic and should be used only by licensed professionals who have the means to process them properly into appropriate pharmaceuticals. One final note: many plants were used for a wide range of illnesses in the past. Be aware that many of the historical uses have proven to be ineffective for the problems to which they were applied.

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strawberry blossoms


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