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Bean - Phaseolus vulgaris

American Indians prepared a variety of dishes using many different kinds of beans. It is one of The Three Sisters. (Corn, pumpkin and beans)

Beans are important food source today. They grow in many varieties including bush or vining forms. They can be cooked fresh or dried for later use.

Beans have been used as a folk medicine for many ills. Growing beans

Beans are one form of legumes.

"Legumes are noteworthy for their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen, an accomplishment attributable to a symbiotic relationship with certain bacteria known as rhizobia found in root nodules of these plants." Wikipedia

Bees are very attracted to the nectar of this flower. Rabbits and groundhogs enjoy munching, crunching and consuming all your plants.

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bush bean plant with mature beans

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Posted 7/29/05 Cindy O'Hora