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Based on the novel Nory Ryan's Song by Patricia Reilly Giff

In Chapter 13, the family receives a package from Brooklyn, New York.
Nory imagines what she will do if the contents of the box makes them rich...
"I'd give Anna a coin straightaway, and more besides, much more. I'd get back the Mallons' currach and tell Liam I was doing it for him even though he hadn't let me come with him. I'd buy Patch penny candy and Grandpa a jar of poitin. But first I'd buy food. We'd eat and eat."

1. Suppose you receive an unexpected package. You do not know what is inside. Like Nory,
you imagine it will fulfill your greatest dreams.

What would be inside the box? How would you use it to fulfill your dream or dreams?




2. Nory hopes the package contains money so she can repay debts. All of us accumulate debts to others.
But we do not always need money to pay them back. A friend does an enormous favor for you.
How would you pay them back without using money?



3. Nory collects the fuafar limpets. (If you are not sure what the Irish word fuafar means, find out using Google.)
Name something you would describe as fuafar. Why do you say that?




4. The characters walk everywhere they need to go. They walk miles to town, to church, and finally even to Dublin.
Estimate the length of the longest walk you have ever taken.

What was the purpose of your journey? Describe the experience.



Name a place you would be willing to take a long walk to reach.



5. Review the Comparison and Contrast Guide @ ReadWriteThink.

Tip: To work your way through click the right pointing arrow after reading each page. right arrow

Use a graphic organizer to develop your facts.

Write an essay comparing and contrasting your life today with Nory Ryan's life.



Nory Ryan Internet Hunt | Personal Narrative Essay | Make a Timeline | Write a Letter to a Character

Design a PowerPoint™ presentation of the story's elements

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