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Children's Authors Internet Hunt by Cindy O'Hora

Directions: Use the colored links provided to find the answers to the questions.
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1.When he was a kid, Dav Pilkey really liked to do something. What was it? (Hint: Look in Meet Dav)


2.What was a favorite activity for Steven Kellogg?


3. Frank Asch has had lots of hero. Read his list. Who is your hero? Why?


4. Pat Hutchins is special because she not only writes her books. What does she also do for the books?



5. Write one reason why author Richard Peck reads.



6. How many different jobs did Mary Osborne Pope have BEFORE she became a writer?



7. Where does Judy Blume say she gets her ideas?



8. How did Paula Dazinger get the idea for her book Amber Brown is Not a Crayon?


9. Read the interview of J.K. Rowling. How long did it take her to write her first book?


Why is she writing seven books?


10. How many drafts of a story does Louis Sacher write?


11. Read about K. A. Applegate's childhood. Do you believe her?


12. When he was a kid, what did Jack Prelutsky think of poetry?


13. Complete this question regarding reading Beverly Cleary books.


Listed in the Internet Public Library are resources an author might use when writing.

Which resource would give them the best information about a place?


Which would help them edit their writing?


Which would be useful in learning more about a famous person?


Which would be useful in learning more about a historical event?


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