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Multimedia Field in an AppleWorks Database by Cindy O'Hora

Starting with ClarisWorks/AppleWorks 5 a new database field called Multimedia is available. You use this field type to include a record specific object. Multimedia fields can hold a picture, a sound (in QuickTime movie format), a QuickTime movie or even a text frame. (See AppleWorks Help...Database...Field Types for more info)

To add a Multimedia field

1. Open the DB

2. Go Layout ... Define Fields.

3. Make a new field called photo. Change the Field Type popup menu (to the right of the field title entry box) to Multimedia.

4. Click Create.

5. Click Done.

6. You'll see the new square field box is added to your database. You can Edit ... Paste an image into it or File ... Insert into it. An image in this field is shown in only that record.

Alert! - Images added to the database background in Layout ...Layout will show across all records. An example is the plum in my jam labels.


How can I harness this?
My son is a heavyweight wrestler. I could create a database that documents the information for each of his bouts throughout the season. Using the multimedia field and my scanner I can include a photo from each bout. Now that I think of it, this is a great idea. I'll make a database of what we can remember of this year. I'll be more than ready for next year.

By the way, my son won the Junior High Heavyweight Championship 2000 for the Lancaster-Lebanon League one Saturday afternoon. It was a heart stopper. I'm very proud of him. Way to Go, James!!!

Other uses:


Document all the staff's information with a photo.


Are you collecting QuickTime movies from the net? Make a record for each one.


Birders: Make a digital life list and add an image of each bird spotted.


People who raise or manage animals could keep records of each animal.


Parents: Make a database of all their child's accomplishments through the years. Where appropriate, add a photo or a scanned picture they drew in school. A collection like this would be an unusual gift.


Collect something like figurines or art? Document each one for insurance purposes.


Creative and crafty folks can use this technique to document all their past projects. Scout leaders could use the database to avoid shuffling through all those boxes for the directions for a craft project from two years ago. (You know the one I mean, with the pine cones and the googly eyes. ;-)


Make a database of all the iMovies you've created. Put an image of the intro page to help you keep them straight


Teachers: Have your students enter info about a hero in a database. Paste that hero's photo or the student author's school photo. You could do the same with animals, dinosaurs, even a state's map or flag.


Theatre groups can use it to keep a record of images taken during performances or for press releases.

This feature is not available in ClarisWorks 4 or earlier.

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James O'Hora, Lancaster Lebanon Junior High Heavyweight Champion 2000

"More enduring than any other sport, wrestling teaches self control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill: none have wrestled without pride." ~Dan Gable

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