Revolutionary War on Wednesday Crossword Puzzle
Based on a book by Mary Pope Osborne


3. He wrote - These are the times that try men's souls. 1. Boy in story
5. Fact or fiction - Washington lead the army across a river on a snowy winter night. 2. British nickname
7. Fact or fiction - two children spoke to Washington the night he crossed the Delaware 4. Commander-in-Chief
15. Sometimes found at the beginning of a book 6. What soldiers thought Jack and Annie were
16. Clue for what they needed to find 8. Author's last name
18. Time of day the kids returned home 9. Season in story
19. War in story 10. Something to send was this
20. How Jack felt when found in the boat by Washington 11. Common Sense was an
  12. A peaceful place
  13. Girl in story
  14. Soldiers wore three cornered
  17. River they crossed

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