Haunted Castle on All Hallows Eve Puzzle
Based on the book in the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne

Read the book. Print the puzzle. Solve the clues.

Crossword puzzle

01. Main character 02. Ghost boys were playing
05. What ghost girl was doing 03. Girl who talks to animals
07. You read this tale in a 04. Place to borrow books
09. First name of illustrator 06. Author's last name
11. Word to rhyme in spell 08. Place to find Merlin (see note)
12. How kids get to castle 10. Season of the story
13. Wizard 14. Large black bird
15. Habitat of Raven King 16. Boy who is apprentice
17. Item stolen
18. Hazel wood stick Try the internet hunt about the book

fall leaves and castle line

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