Blue KeystonePennsylvania Puzzle by Cindy O'Hora

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2 King Charles gave him land that became part of PA 1 Nickname
4 PA is not a state it is a 3 City with first zoo in Americas
7. First people of PA region 5. Virtue, Liberty and Independence
8. It rang in Independence 6. State beverage
13. State dog 9. US President born in PA
16. State on southern border 10. State insect
19. Pennsylvania flower 11. River that makes eastern border
20. First computer invented in PA. 12. State on northern border
21. Highest elevation in PA. 13. Famous PA weather predictor
23. State tree 14. Site of 3 day battle of Civil War
24. Longest river in PA. 15. Capital
17. Western region city with Golden Triangle
18. This great one is part of PA. border
22. State fish


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Posted 6/3/2005 by Cindy O'Hora