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Hatchet Literature Internet Hunt
Based on the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. It will broaden your understanding of the book and author. Printer version

Directions: Click on the linked (underlined words) to find the answers to the questions. Use the browser's Back button to return to this page.

1. Quills became embedded in Brian's skin after he kicked a porcupine. Native Americans actually used porcupine quills.
What did they do with them?


2. Brian eats many "gut cherries" when he discovers them. They made him sick.
How do some people use gut cherries (chokecherries)?


3. A belted kingfisher inspires Brian to fish for food. Where do these birds nest?


4. Name two methods Brian could have used to start a fire.




5. What events in his early life where reflected in his books?



6. What event started Mr. Paulsen's excitement about reading?




7. The fool birds that Brian eats are Ruffed Grouse. What does a male bird do with its wings to attract a female?




8. In the story, Brian confronts a black bear. What is a name for a male black bear? __________________________

What about a female black bear? __________________________________

9. Here is a listing of a basic survival kit for two people. Imagine Brian could choose 5 items from this list.
Which do you think he would he choose and why? S


















10. Hatchet offers some advise about surviving. List three strategies used in the book.



11. Michael Auberry disappeared while on a scouting camping trip. Did he make good decisions? Why or why not?



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