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Dinosaurs Before Dark Internet Hunt
Based on the book in the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

Directions: Click on the links(underlined words) to find the answers to the questions.
Use a bookmark/Favorite of this hunt page to return to it. Delete the bookmark/Favorite when you are finished. printer version

1. Mary Pope Osborne moved a lot when she was a kid. How many different places did she live?
Read Mrs Osborne's biography to learn the answer.

Compared this to you. How many times have you moved?


Write one more interesting fact about Mrs Osborne.

2. Jack and Annie live in Pennsylvania. Use the map to find out - what is the Capital of Pennsylvania.


3. How old is Jack? _______________

How old is Annie? ________________

How old are you? ________________

Write the names of the three of you in order from youngest to oldest:



The children see 4 dinosaurs during the trip. Jack finds a fact about each one in the magic book.
Use this web site to find another fact for each dinosaur in the story.

4. Pteranodon






Tyrannosaurus Rex


Pick another dinosaur from the list. Write its name and a fact about it:




5. The kids see a dinosaur eating magnolia flowers. You cannot see a living dinosaur today. But there are many living magnolia trees.

What color is this magnolia flower?


What color are the seeds? (Scroll down the page)



Look it up using a web search engine

6. What is your state's official fossil?



7. Write one thing you liked about this story.



Are you finished already? Good for you!  

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