Inside Art: An Art History Internet Hunt
Internet hunts often travel from one site to another. This hunt offers a directed exploration of one exceptional art web site.starGo to the Inside Art: An Art History game. <HTTP://>

Follow the links on the painter's palette and in the text to explore the site. Answer the following questions. If you get lost, use the links in the hunt questions to help you get back on the path. Printer Friendly

1. Who painted the painting?


2. How many paintings did he paint in his life?


3. What was he trying to capture with the painting?


4. Do you have to go outdoors to paint a landscape?

5. Who painted The Avenue?


6. What style of painting was the artist's?

7. What is a nickname used for an Expressionist artist?


8. Did he use soft or strong colors?


9. How did he use brushstrokes?


10. Where did he paint?


11. Where was he when he painted the boat scene?


12. What kind of painting is a still life?


13. Name a famous abstract artist.


14. In a portrait he painted entitled Portrait of Dr. Gachet he convey's the person's mood.
How would you describe the doctor's mood?


15. Okay, I read every page! Great then you are ready to take the Final quiz -


Learn More about Van Gogh at The Vincent Van Gogh Gallery http//

Explore other Impressionists' works:

Claude Monet

Pierre Auguste Renior -

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