U. S. Constitution Facts Puzzle pdf version

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12. Opening phrase 11. Number of branches of federal government in U.S.
15. Number of states that must ratify an amendment 13. Number of amendments
17. The removal or reversal of a law by legislation 14. Changes are called
10. 19th amendment gave them the right to vote in 1920 16. Highest court in the land
11. State that sent no delegates to convention 18. First ten amendments
14. Month it was adopted 19. Can declare war
17. Number of years a Senator serves after election 10. This city is the main location of U.S. Government
18. Number of Senators each state has 11. U.S. form of government
20. Constitution is kept there 12. We the people section is called the
22. Number of years in a term of the office of President 13. To level formal charges against an official
23. Abolished by the 13th Amendment 15. Number of Representatives from a state is determined by
24. Each section is titled 16. Type of legislature
25. Number of years a Representative serves after election 19. Chief executive is titled
  21. Most number of terms ever served by a President
  22. Free speech is protected by this amendment

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