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Seven Teachings

The Birchbark House Activities are Aligned to Pennsylvania Academic Standards:

Reading Writing, Listening and Speaking

1.2. 5, 8, 11 Reading Critically in All Content Areas - A. Read and understand essential content of informational texts and documents in all academic areas.
1.2. 5, 8, 11 Reading Critically in All Content Areas - B. Use and understand a variety of media and evaluate the quality of material produced.
1.5.5, 8, 11 Quality of Writing - A. Write with a sharp, distinct focus identifying topic, task and audience.
1.5.5, 8, 11 Quality of Writing - B. Write using well-developed content appropriate for the topic.
1.6.5, 8, 11 Speaking and Listening - F. Use media for learning purposes.
1.8.5, 8, 11 Research - B. Locate information using appropriate sources and strategies.
1.8. 5, 8, 11 Research - C. Organize and present the main ideas from research.

Science and Technology

3.7. Technological devices - C. Apply basic computer operations and concepts.
3.7. Technological devices - D. Apply computer software to solve specific problems.
3.7. Technological devices - E. Apply basic computer communications systems.
3.8. Science, Technology and Human Endeavors B. Explain how human ingenuity and technological resources satisfy specific human needs and improve the quality of life.


2.1.3 ALL Numbers, Number Systems and Number Relationships
2.1.3B Use whole numbers and fractions to represent quantities.
2.1.3L Demonstrate knowledge of basic facts in four basic operations.
2.2.3 Computation and Estimation
2.2.3A - Apply addition and subtraction in everyday situations using concrete objects.
2.2.5A - Create and solve word problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers.
2.4.3 Mathematical Reasoning and Connections
2.4.3A - Make, check and verify predictions about the quantity, size and shape of objects and groups of objects.
2.4.3B - Use measurements in everyday situations (e.g., determine the geography of the school building).

Environment & Ecology

4.3 Environmental Health - 4.3.4 C. Understand that the elements of natural systems are interdependent.
4.6 Ecosystems and Their Interactions 4.6.4 A. Understand that living things are dependent on nonliving things in the environment for survival.
4.7 Threatened, Endangered and Extinct Species 4.7.4 A. Identify differences in living things. B. Know that adaptations are important for survival.

Health, Safety, and Physical Education

10.1 Concepts of Health - C. Analyze nutritional concepts that impact health
10.2 Healthful living - Identify health-related information